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Rack Card Printing

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  • 12 pt or 14 pt Premium Card Stock
  • Optional High UV or Matte Coating
  • Free Gloss Aqueous Coating
  • Brilliant Full Color on One or Both Sides
  • Available in Two Standard Sizes

4x9 Rack Card Printing at Low Cost

Sometimes you want to communicate more information than you can fit on a standard business card but not so much that you need a brochure.  A rack card might be just the right solution. Rack cards are a unique promotional tool often used for tourism related business. We offer low cost event ticket printing to promote your next big event. Print rack cards with a collage of eye-catching images on one side and use the reverse side to convey information, or print both sides in full color.  Whatever design your mind can think of we can print!

8.5x3.5 Full Color Rack Cards Printing

A rack card is a hand-friendly format that potential customers instinctively reach for.  Ours are printed on stiff cardstock that will display well when placed in a literature rack.  The brilliant white paper is a great canvas for your color photography and ensures that colors print true.   Rack cards are commonly used to promote tourism and travel-related businesses such as hotels, theme parks, museums and attractions.  However, they can also be used to promote a wide range of other businesses and services for coffee shop, spas, restaurants, schools, services, dry cleaners, car washes, theaters, events, pet services and more.  With our custom full color photo canvas printing you can show off beautiful pictures throughout your office or home.   Restaurants can list their take out menu.  You can even add a perforation to the bottom portion of your rack card for a tear off business card or coupon.

Rack Card Printing Options



Rack Card Printing Color

4/4 - Color on Both Sides

Uses all four print colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to blend together for a full-color print front and back.

4/0 - Front Full Color - Blank on Back

The front is printed in the 4 color process as in 4/4 printing but the back remain blank with no color.

Rack Card Printing Paper

14. pt Coated Card Stock

14 pt uncoated cover is also known as cover stock, or the short name cover. Heavyweight papers are called cards stock. The thickness of card stock is measured with point sizes such as 14pt and 16pt or with pounds (lp) such as 110lb, 120lb and 130lb.

Rack Card Printing Marketing Tips

To impress your clients, look for high quality rack card printing from a reliable company like Printing Xpert.  We have 4"x9" rack cards printed on a 14pt. cardstock with coating on both sides.  You may choose between glossy or matte finish for your design.  Glossy coating is resistant to fingerprints and smudges while matte finish gives an elegant look.  You can have one or both sides of the cards printed, depending on your design. Rack cards provide a convenient format to promote at your place of business.  This flexible format can be displayed lying flat or in a rack, by a cashier or on a desk or table.  One of their great virtues is that they're highly portable-not just for the customer, but also for you.

Six Tips for Designing & Printing Rack Cards

  1. Maximize use of color and photographs. You only have a second to catch the eye of a consumer passing your rack card display and you will want to make the card something they pick up and enjoy visually. The top portion of the card needs to include either your logo or the title of the card’s content, and an eye-catching colorful image. Maximize use of unique, original photos of your business or subject matter, minimizing use of stock photography when possible. A good tip for inspiration: visit rack card displays and notice the cards that pop out and make you want to pick them up — study those!
  2. Brand your work. Rack cards are a “high touch” marketing tool, and many people will see your card, even if they do not pick it up and carry it with them. It is essential your rack cards are designed to maintain the standards of your brand in both color, quality and content. To select a generic template online that does not match your brand, or to throw together a quick layout may save you money in the short run, but will establish a perception that is confusing and/or negative to many potential clients or customers.
  3. Focus your content. Before you begin to write copy, be clear about the message you want to relate and your target audience. A specific message, directed to a specific type of consumer, increases your card’s chances of being picked up and remembered. Practice defining the subject of your copy in five words or less. If you can’t do it effectively, you need to narrow the focus of your subject matter.
  4. Don’t limit print with low-tech assumptions. Printed pieces are a time-proven means of getting your information into the public. But they can now be the essential link between a hands-on contact and your online marketing. Use QR codes on your cards to drive traffic to online promotions or websites. You can then track exactly who, by clicking their smartphone’s camera, is coming to your site, and judge the effectiveness of your rack card promotion. At the very least, include your web address and direct people to find you online.
  5. Multipurpose. A run of rack cards can and should be used in several different ways to maximize their effect. You can arrange a display at your business and find as many appropriate places as possible in public areas to display your cards. Ask vendors, neighboring businesses, and related but non-competitive businesses if you can leave some cards in their lobby. Also, use the cards for bulk, targeted mailings.
  6. Don’t forget to include the basics… and proofread! You have limited space left after your photos and branding but you need to include the information a potential customer will need to contact you. Include a map (they are easy to get your hands on these days) to your location. If you want to push traffic to your website instead, replace the map with a LARGE version of your web address and a QR code. Phone numbers, fax numbers, mailing address… check and double-check for errors. The amount of waste due to one misplaced character is incalculable.


4x9 Rack Card Template
4x9 Rack Card Template

3.5x8.5 Rack Card Template
3.5x8.5 Rack Card Template

"I was pleased with the order of rack cards that I purchased.  They were printed flawlessly and arrived promptly at my door"

-Johnny Cags


"The Rack Cards have been noticeably brining in more customers to my hotel.  Thank you for a job well done"

Antonio Toochi

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Low Cost Printing Price Calculator


Color   (More Info)

This is the number of colors that will be printed on each sides of the paper, designated by Front Colors/Back Colors, as an example:-


Color options:
4/0 = Full color on front side, nothing on the back
4/4 = Full color on both sides.

Paper   (More Info)

This is the paper stock your project will be printed on.

The numerical value refers to how thick the paper is, measure in caliper thicknesses (point values) or weight (pound values); the larger the number, the thicker the stock. Heavyweight papers are called cards stock.

The thickness of card stock is measured with point sizes such as

14pt Card Stock

Coating   (More Info)

This is the coating that is applied to your Card Stock to give it a professional look and feel. We offer:-

UV Coating

It's "ultimate" shine that features a fade-resistant UV coating that gives more protection to the card. 

Mate/Dull Finish

A heavy duty stock dull coated for an elegant and smooth matte finish.

File Status   (More Info)

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 - Need Custom Design

If you require a creative designs service that reveals your company message efficiently while choosing the accurate colors, readable content/text and images in your artwork. Our Custom Design Service  will provide you an inspiring designs by our professionals.

Product: Rack Cards, 4x9, 8.5x3.5

4/4 (Full Color Both Sides)

4/0 (Full Color on Front, Back Blank)

Consultation Time Included: 15-min Free

Design Includes: 3 Revisions

Images Included: 2 Images

Additional Images: $10 per image

Additional Design Time: $39 per hour

Base Package Price: $75.00

Prices may vary depending on design complexity or additional requests

We also offer LOGO design service starting $75 and up.

Proof   (More Info)

We offer 2 ways to proof your job before it goes to printing process:-

Hard Copy Proof

Hard copy proof is recommended to confirm the color accuracy of your artwork whenever color accuracy is important. For a nominal charge we will ship you a hard-copy proof to examine for any necessary changes or color corrections prior to printing. The listed prices above for hard-copy proofs include shipping.

IMPORTANT: Requesting a hard copy proof will delay your order until you agree upon a specific proof for production.

Online Free PDF Proof

You can view an online FREE PDF proof that will allow you to double-check the Artwork, Text, Image Resolution, Color, Spellings and Fonts.

*Only first proof is free. After that it is $5 for each online proof

Print As It

The files you uploaded will be printed as the same way they are without any changes.

Production Time   (More Info)

This is the estimated time your project will be complete after you have approved your proof. Turnaround includes printing and finishing, BUT NOT shipping time. Some products may have more than one turnaround option for expedited service.

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