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Is Every Door Direct Mail right for business?

We believe that the EDDM program works extremely well for businesses with a broad demographic such as restaurants, gyms, home services, medical offices, contractors and retail locations. If your business primarily serves residents in a neightborhood area the this program if for you.

Business's that Benefit from Every Door Direct Mail

High Quality Post Card EDDM Printing
EDDM printing can be used for all the companies and organizations who are interested in distributing and promoting the household and businesses in their entire neighborhood. Order our 6.5x9" EDDM direct mail printing for landscaping that is designed to deliver your marketing messages directly in the hands of the customers at low cost. EDDM printing also inform the people about your grand opening, your weekend sale or your special offers such as our highly demanded 8.5x11" EDDM direct mail printing for restaurants could be a great marketing tool at a low-cost price. EDDM is particularly useful for local retail businesses and organizations that rely on walk-in custom and local business support like carpet cleaners, electricians, dry cleaners,etc.