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Dry Erase Vinyl Printing

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  • Easy to Clean and Long Lasting
  • Use with Any Dry-Erase Markers
  • Vibrant and Full Color Printing
  • Premium Adhesive Vinyl
  • Available in Different Custom Sizes
  • Use in School, Offices and Homes

Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl Printing

The vinyl, having the potential of being used as a dry erase surface, allows for long term use of the material and it could be used again and again.It would work well in a kids room to write out cute or inspirational messages each morning. Our self adhesive vinyl printing can be used to showcase a new product or discounts on your windows. They can be used in family friendly restaurants so that the kids have something they can enjoy writing on but it is also easy for you to simply wipe it off and start over.

Custom Sizes Dry Erase Vinyl Printing

Dry erase vinyl can be printed in full color or left as a blank white board for you to fill in with dry erase markers as desired. Adhesive dry erase vinyl can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, as the surface is waterproof and UV safe

Dry Erase Vinyl Printing Options

  • Material
  • Printing

Dry Erase Vinyl Material

Adhesive Vinyl with Dry Erase Laminate

Printing is done on high quality premium 4mil white PVC film with a low-tac adhesive backing, then a top coating of clear 2 mil dry erase film is added to the surface.

Dry Erase Vinyl Printing

Full Color

The printing will be in full color.

Dry Erase Vinyl for Restaurants and Stores

Update your daily specials for customers to see with dry erase vinyl. Feature your soups in cold weather or ice cream flavors in warm weather. Advertise sales or high selling products on dry erase vinyl. If you have something new in stock, let it be known.  For any type of business that changes products daily or seasonally, dry erase vinyl printing is a resuable and affordable way to get the word out there. Get a design printed on your dry erase vinyl, or use your creatvity and drawing skills daily.

Dry Erase Vinyl for Schools

Despite technology replacing blackboards and other writing surfaces, dry erase vinyl is still a fun and great way to create an interactive classroom. For many, learning is made easier with visualization. Invite students to solve math problems or fill in vocabulary words on the dry erase vinyl. Dry erase vinyl is inexpensive and unlike smart boards, it's easy to use, doesn't require maintenance and will last for years to come.

Dry Erase Vinyl for Business Presentations

Some business schemes require visualizations. Dry erase vinyl for business presentations or company meetings helps to further project the speaker's ideas to the audience. Graphs, charts, diagrams, and many other tools can be drawn onto the dry erase vinyl before or during a presentation. Let your company brainstorm ideas at your next meeting and write them on the dry erase board for consideration.

Dry Erase Vinyl at Home

Use Dry Erase Vinyl to stay organized at home. Having one in your home keeps your schedule, reminders, to-do or grocery lists in plain sight at all times. It's easy to erase an update when needed. Print the days of the week or a timetable on your dry erase vinyl printing and you can fill in the rest with your dry erase markers.

24x36 Dry Erase Vinyl Templates
24x36 Dry Erase Vinyl Templates

36x48 Dry Erase Vinyl Templates
36x48 Dry Erase Vinyl Templates

Being a working mother of 3, I have a million things to remember. My dry erase board helps me keep track of dr appointments, soccer games and daily tasks. The material is easy to clean with no shadow from writing left over. Printing xpert offers a great price compared to dry erase boards I've seen in stores.


My students have so much fun with the dry erase board, its great for encouraging participation. Here I was able to find one large enough to accomodate my classroom wall.

Thank you!

Mr. Kent

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Adhesive Vinyl with Dry Erase Laminate is a high quality premium 4mil white PVC film with a low-tac adhesive backing, then a top coating of clear 2 mil dry erase film is added to the surface.

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We offer full color printing on one side for Dry Erase Vinyl

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