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Bookmarks Printing

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  • 4/0 or 4/4 Color Bookmarks Printing
  • High UV Gloss or Matte Finish
  • 12pt or 16pt Card Stock Paper
  • Commercial Bookmarks Printing
  • Available in Standard or Custom Sizes
  • Quality Bookmarks Printing

Quality Bookmarks Printing

Bookmark printing is a useful tool for customers that will keep your brand and message in front of them on a regular basis. It is important for any business to have 3.5x2 business card printing to quality brochure printing along with grand opening vinyl banner printing. We offer standard and custom 2.5x8.5" discount bookmarks printing they are a unique promotional tool that can set your message apart.  Besides bookmarks, the 4x6 club flyers printing is one of the most popular for any upcoming events invitations.

Custom Bookmarks Printing

We offer custom Bookmarks printing that are simple to create and can make a great ticket for your event, such as workshops, coupon, ticket, reminders or timetable.  Order our 2x3.5" quotation bookmarks printing today and give out informative quotes to the readers along with a smart way of marketing.

Library Bookmarks Printing

The Library bookmarks printing provide the customers with information about the business and also show that it is indeed an asset that can be trusted.  We offer 2x8" library bookmarks printing at a low and affordable price so that the readers find it easy to continue from where they left the page. We will help you to design the bookmarks from small to large or  1.5x7" custom size bookmarks printing by keeping your information and details in  the bookmarks printing. The promotional Bookmarks  such as  2x8" calender bookmarks printing  with company's details and amazing photos. It may be beneficial for your prospective customers to remain up-to-date and it's a one time advertisement that lasts for longer.

Bookmark Printing Options for Printing

  • Qty
  • Size
  • Color
  • Paper
  • Coating

Bookmarks Printing Quantity

The Quality Bookmarks can be printed from 100 to 5000

Bookmark Printing Color Options

4/0  Bookmarks Printing - Front Full Color - Blank on Back

The front is printed in the 4 color process as in 4/4 printing, but the back remains blank with no color.

4/4 Bookmarks Printing - Color on Both Sides

Uses all four print colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to blend together for a full-color print front and back.

Bookmarks Printing Paper

Bookmarks Printing on 14. pt Coated Card Stock

14 pt uncoated cover is also known as cover stock, or the short name cover. Heavyweight papers are called cards stock. The thickness of card stock is measured with point sizes such as 14pt and 16pt or with pounds (lp) such as 110lb, 120lb and 130lb.

Bookmarks Printing on 16. pt Coated Card Stock

16 pt is an ultra heavy cardstock that is coated on both sided with a special gloss layer. No coating or UV coating are separate options and are not affected by this. Such coating offers better ink absorption and hence artwork definition.

Bookmarks Printing Coating

Bookmarks Printing UV Coating

This is a heavy duty stock with "ultimate" shine that features a fade-resistant UV coating that gives more protection to the card. UV coating is applied as separate finishing.

Bookmarks Printing Matte/Dull Coating

A heavy duty stock dull coated for an elegant and smooth matte finish.

Bookmarks Marketing Tips

2x8 Bookmarks Printing with quality paper has become one of the best business marketing methods today. They help investors to promote their businesses to prospective customers economically. However, for you to enjoy the full benefit of using these promotional materials, you have to ensure that they don't compromise quality.  If you are planning to market your business, you should consider using business flyers printing. They will continue attracting more customers to your business for a long time.

Custom Bookmarks Printing Marketing Tips

The 1.5x7 bookmarks printing at low cost can be distributed in the library too. Lots of people go there to borrow or read books. So while reading that is when they will see your bookmarks, they will definitely read the detail about your business or product and they will write it down and save it for their order. So make it with attractive offers and discounts. Before starting printing your 4.25x11 door hangers printing it is important to ensure that they are professionally designed. Always choose the right size that is perfect for the text of business or product information. Don’t put too much text and unnecessary details. Make it easy to read for the customers. Our professionals will help you to create the best designs for your quality calendar printing because the design reflects the image of your business.

2x8 Bookmark Template
Standard Size Template

1.5x7 Bookmark Template
Economic Size Template

I love the quality work of your work.

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The design on bookmarks really looks good and attractive. Thanks for your good work.

Sarah P.

Your work is excellent. BRAVO PrintingXpert!
Bruce A.

What colors do you print with?

Low Cost Printing Price Calculator


Color   (More Info)

This is the number of colors that will be printed on each sides of the paper, designated by Front Colors/Back Colors, as an example:-

Color options:
4/0 = Full color on front side, nothing on the back
4/4 = Full color on both sides.

Paper   (More Info)

12.pt Card Stock

12pt is one of the most popular cover stocks used in commercial printing for Full Color and Spot color projects that are required to hold up against the rigors of lots of handling and heavy use and keep its original printed beauty for a long time.

16.pt Card Stock

16 pt is an ultra heavy card stock that is coated on both sided with a special gloss layer. Coating or UV Coating are separate options and are not affected by this. Such coating offers better ink absorption and hence artwork definition.

Coating (Free of Cost)   (More Info)


There will be no coating 

Extra UV Coating

This is a heavy duty stock with "ultimate" shine that features a fade-resistant extra UV coating that gives more protection to the card. UV coating is applied as a separate finishing.

File Status   (More Info)

- Upload File Now or Later

After the cart and shipping page you can uplaod file on my account.

- Need Custom Design

If you require a creative designs service that reveals your company message efficiently while choosing the accurate colors, readable content/text and images in your artwork. Our Custom Design Service  will provide you an inspiring designs by our professionals.

Product: Bookmarks, 2" X 2" , 2" X 3.5", 2" X 6", 2" X 7", 2.5" X 8.5"

Front Full Color, back blank 4/0

Front Full Color, back one color 4/1

Both Sides Full Color Printing 4/4

Consultation Time Included: 15-min Free

Design Includes: 3 Revisions

Images Included: 1 Image

Additional Images: $10 per image

Additional Design Time: $39 per hour

Base Package Price: $49.99

Prices may vary depending on design complexity or additional requests

We also offer LOGO design service starting $75 and up.

Proof   (More Info)

We offer 2 ways to proof your job before it goes to printing process:-

Hard Copy Proof

Hard copy proof is recommended to confirm the color accuracy of your artwork whenever color accuracy is important. For a nominal charge we will ship you a hard-copy proof to examine for any necessary changes or color corrections prior to printing. The listed prices above for hard-copy proofs include shipping.

IMPORTANT: Requesting a hard copy proof will delay your order until you agree upon a specific proof for production.

Online Free PDF Proof

You can view an online FREE PDF proof that will allow you to double-check the Artwork, Text, Image Resolution, Color, Spellings and Fonts.

*Only first proof is free. After that it is $5 for each online proof

Print As It

The files you uploaded will be printed as the same way they are without any changes.

Production Time   (More Info)

All job that is approved and sent to press before 3:00pm (Eastern Time )and production turnaround will begin the following business day.Does not include shipping time

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